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Won Yong Shon, MD, PhD
(The 63rd President of the Korean Orthopaedic Association)

Dear Respected Advisory Board, Colleagues, All the Members,

It is a tremendous honor to be elected the president of the Korean Orthopaedic Association for the year 2019. It is such a great honor to serve the association. At the same time, I feel responsibilities weighing on my shoulders for taking the position in difficult times.

I express my sincere thanks to our elder members, previous presidents and board of directors, as well as the executive committees, senior and junior members, and colleagues for overcoming numerous difficulties and making small and big contributions for the KOA to be ranked among the internationally renowned.

Unfortunately, the crudest reality tells us that the medical community has often been considered as a team of self-interested experts, and that it is facing tough times because of various changes in health care policies and unrealistic medical insurance fee policy. Furthermore, many government-related departments such as the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Fair Trade Commission, as well as Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission are gradually restricting KOA’s activities including holding international conferences.

In what may seem like a short span of one year, I will painstakingly work with the Chairman Hak Sun Kim and Secretary and Treasurer Seung Hwan Han as well as with all the members to resolve the issues we may face. I will do my utmost best to establish KOA’s visions, policies, and business plans accordingly to the changing environment so our association can grow more.

For the next one year, I will plan and execute the following plans.

First, I will do my best to continue to hold the annual international conference even in times of growing restrictions. It is my intention to devise various ways for the members in profession, members in government-related areas, and individual members with their own businesses to participate actively in the conference.

Second, our association will continue to drive the discussions about the problem of unrealistic insurance fee policy. As part of that effort, KOA will conduct cost analysis, reappraisal of resource-based relative value scale for orthopaedics, and more. Measures regarding Moon Jae-in Care Policy will also be sought.

Third, I will work hard to make improvements in the area of orthopaedics resident education. Following upon the revised Special Act on Medical Residents, I will come up with supplemental measures so that our residents can get quality education that meets the new standards and requirements. At the spring and fall conferences, a separate session for resident training will be prepared; participating residents can learn about medical law, standards for determining disability, character education, ultrasonics, alternative medicine techniques that are often used in clinical offices, and other practice-related knowledge.

Fourth, KOA will set up a special committee on university-industry cooperation to promote the members’ connection both to academia and industry. In the spring and fall conferences, a symposium for university-industry cooperation will be held.

Fifth, the new criteria for assessing physical impairment and disability in the field of extremities and spine will be promulgated. The criteria have yet to be settled; thus, KOA will organize it so it may be used widely.

Sixth, it is my pleasure to announce that KOA is designated as the 2019 AAOS Guest Nation. We will put our best efforts to prepare for the Guest Nation event and its success.

If you may please, I ask for your kind guidance and generous support for the coming year.

Lastly, I expresse my deepest gratitude to Immediate Past President Chung Soo Han, Immediate Past Chairman Chong Hyuk Choi, and Immediate Past Secretary and Treasurer Yong Min Chun for their efforts to advance our association.

Once again, thank you very much for giving me the humbling opportunity to serve as the President of Korean Orthopaedic Association. I will work for the growth of KOA to the best of my abilities.

Sincerely yours,
Won Yong Shon